How Bloggers Make Money


Blogging Industry Trends

Understanding the world of blogging is essential to operating within it. With over two decades of exponential growth, the blogging world has experienced a surge of new content, writers, brands, and more. Learning how to maximize your earning potential in this industry can help to give you a new career or nice supplemental income. The following takeaways from this infographic will prove to be useful towards expanding your current knowledgebase.

1) Look To The History of Blogging To Better Understand It.
Blogging has been evolving for nearly two decades. The origin of the word “blog” comes from the term “weblog,” as coined by John Barger in 1997. Starting slow, it took some time before “weblogs” would catch on and become known by the mainstream. In 2001, “weblog” became “blog” as a number of recognizable names too blogging and ran with it. During this time, Mashable and TechCrunch first got their start. Now, blogging is considered a standard part of society, reaching towards all fields and hobbies.

2) See What Kind of Blogger Category You Fall Into.
People blog when they believe they have something to contribute to the conversation. As such, bloggers fall into 5 broad categories including the entrepreneur, the corporate, the full-time professional, the hobbyist, and the part-time professional. The entrepreneur will spend the majority of their time blogging for a company that they own. Making up 13% of bloggers, these individuals spend a great deal of time sharing experiences, gaining clientele, and gaining professional recognition. The corporate is similar in that they will blog for the sake of their business. While the hobbyist will blog for the sake of fun and not with the intent to make money, the part-time and full-time professional will be blogging to as a way to make money.

3) Understand the Statistics Behind Blogging.
18.7 Million people will blog on either blogging sites or social media sites this year. This makes sense, given that over 77% of Internet users will read blogs, with half of those being between 21 and 35 years in age. Blogging is a popular way to increase the recognition of your company, with over 97% more inbound links for companies that have blogs. In addition, a growing number of marketers believe that blogs are the most important means of marketing for companies.

4) Know The Odds.
If you are thinking of making money from blogging, then it is important that you know the odds associated with the profession. The average amount of money earned by professional bloggers is $24,086. If you are a corporate blogger, then you will earn an average of $33,577 a year. This income can come from a number of sources. The three primary sources include Search Ads, Affiliate Marketing Links, and Display Ads. In addition, you can consider pay per click as a revenue means depending on the nature of your blog.