30 Unique Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts


Market Your Blog Posts

There are various ways available to you on the internet to promote your blog posts on. However, some strategies may prove to be more valuable to direct your attention and efforts towards. Here is a summary of some of the insights provided by this infographic on the best sources to use for post promotion.

1) Be Sure To Utilize Social Media.
promoting your blog post successfully will have to include making use of social media. The major places you should focus is in Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Through these websites, you can increase your social networks and get your information out there more successful.

2) Never Stop Being Authentic.
do not pretend to be a person you are not. Write in your own voice, and do not try to pander to interests. How authentic you are perceived has everything to do with whether or not people will believe what you write. In addition, your authenticity is directly linked to follower retention.

3) Know The Difference Between Quantity and Quality.
Google is on to something when it determines search ranking results. It places a high emphasis on whether or not a website is the definitive source of information on the topic it talks about. The closer a website is to the source of information, the higher it will be ranked. The same is true when it comes to the content and quality of your blog, especially when it comes to promotion. People want a source of information that they can count on. The primary source for their needs, blogs like these will be passed from person to person on their own.

4) Network With Other Blogs.
One of the best ways you can promote your blog is to work with your competition. Blogging is not a zero sum game. By working with other blogs that share your topic, you can share users and expand everyone’s follower numbers. This is an excellent idea because not every person who will follow your blog knows about you first. Rather, search terms will bring up a competitor. By advertising with your competitor, these people will find you and make sharing content and information easier. In addition, many similar blogs will have “Carosels” where everyone either writes about or responds to the same question. The benefit of doing this is that every person who participates has their information linked by every other similar blog. This is an excellent way to increase everyone’s profile.

5) If Nothing Else, Consider Syndication.
There are a number of sources online where you can publish if the topic you are writing about fits within the category. Websites like Outbrain.com syndicates your blog posts and makes them available on websites like CNN.com and FastCompany.com.