27 Catchy Reading Slogans


Reading is an important part to building literacy in the world. From fictional storytelling to non-fictional books, here is a look at some great reading slogans that will help you to encourage more reading.

A book a day keeps boredom away.
A reader is a leader.
Blast Off with Books.
Books Check em out.
Expand your mind, read a book.
Feel the need….the need to Red.
If knowledge you need, you must read.
If you can read this, Thank a teacher.
Knowledge is a seed that grows when you read.
Learn a ton, Reading is fun.
Let your imagination explore, Read more.
Never judge a book by it’s movie.
Page by page, book by book, no need to wait, just take a look.
Read to succeed.
Reading feeds the Imagination.
Reading gives us a place to go when here is where we have to stay.
Reading helps your seed of knowledge grow.
Reading opens doors.
Reading will take you places.
Reading: The more you do it, the better you get, have some patience and you won’t regret.
Reading: Travel the world, No gas required!
Take a look, it’s in a book.
Those who lead love to read.
To exceed, you must read.
Where do you want to go today? Find it in a book.
With books you can go places.
Your imagination will exceed when a book you read.

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