25 Good Blood Drive Slogans


Saving a life is easy when we each have the components required to aid in helping another human being. Giving blood is just one way you can go about contributing. Here is a look at some good blood drive slogans that are perfect for raising awareness.

Blood donors are special people.
Blood. It’s in you to give.
Do something amazing today. Save a life. Give blood!
Don’t let the blood center run dry!
Donate! It is a bloody good job.
Donating blood is priceless.
Every drop counts. Give blood today!
From me to you—a gift of life.
Give blood so others may live.
Give blood—stay healthy.
Go for a run in another’s veins.
Help a bud, donate blood.
It’s in your blood to help save a life.
Life is precious. Be a life-saver. Give blood!
Saving the world, one pint at a time.
Share life. Donate blood.
The Blood Donor of today may be recipient of tomorrow.
The gift of blood is the gift of life
We need each other. Please give blood.
We need what you’ve got! Give blood.
You can be someone’s rescue story.
You don’t have to be a superhero to save lives.
You have what it takes to give.
You’re Somebody’s Type

Here are some surprising facts about blood donation that will encourage you to give more and contribute to saving the life of another human being.