24 Good Autism Awareness Slogans


Autism Awareness Day is celebration on April 2nd each year offering a special day for organizations from around the world to fundraise and create awareness about Autism. The ‘Light it Up Blue’ campaign is a perfect symbol internationally to show you care and get involved in this global health priority. Here is a look at some of the best Autism Awareness slogans to use for increasing awareness.

Acceptance is the only solution.
Advocate Educate Love Accept.
Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious.
Autistic rights are human rights.
Autism Awareness: Help put back the missing pieces.
Autism is part of who I am.
Autism Speaks: It’s time to Listen.
Autism: Be aware. Be understanding.
Autism: Embrace Differences.
Different is not Broken.
I get flappy when I’m happy.
I have autism and I think you’re weird too.
I love someone with Autism.
I may not make eye contact but at least I don’t stare.
If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart. Support Autism Awareness!
It’s okay to be different.
Normal people scare me.
Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say.
Not fighting Autism, Working with it.
Solving the puzzle one piece at a time.
Someone with Autism loves me.
Staring at me won’t cure anything.
We are all unique.
We live in your world, but play in ours.

Here is a look at a video posted by the National Autistic Society as they show what it is like from the perspective of a kid suffering with autism.