Words that Get Your Blog Posts Shared More


Blog Word Usage Tips

Social media has provided a new and unique way of connecting with others around the globe. Here are some key ways to follow for getting your blog posts shared more among these networks, ever expanding your connections and readership.

1) What You Should Do When Sharing Over Facebook.
Sharing information over Facebook and increasing the number of people who share your content requires you do at least one of the following things. First, there is giving. Whether it is having a giveaway for people or providing special deals, you increase your presence by engaging your fans directly. In addition, consider what the content of your post is about, and consider theming it around one of the following words. Warns, inspires, unites, amuses, amazes, and advises are but a few of the examples of what you want your content to be doing. By providing a useful service to others, you are share to increase how frequently people link to and share your content.

2) What You Should Do When Sharing Over Blog Posts.
There are a number of terms that are more likely to be shared if the words are included in them. Just to be clear, your content must also be about one of these words or at least be tangentially related in some way. Some words you should focus on to increase how many people share your blog post are smart, surprising, science, history, critical, hacks, hackable, hackers, huge, and big. Include one of these words in your title and content and see the difference. Try to tie your content into these words to justify their use. If there is to much difference between the use of these words and the content of your article, then people will be less likely to see your blog as a source, and instead see it as an attention grabbing tool.

3) What You Should Do When Sharing Over Twitter.
Twitter is all about the words you use and the hashtags you choose. With the right combination, you can get significantly more attention and coverage from other people. Below is a generated list of words in Tweets that are most likely to be re-tweeted. These words include media, please retweet, please, retweet, post, great, blog post, check it out, new blog post, help, social, social media, how to, you, 10, free, top follow, and twitter. Once again, be sure to include information that is relevant to whatever words you are using. Doing otherwise runs the risk of turning people off to your Twitter feed.