How to Add an About Me to Blog


Reading a blog can be entertaining. It can provide some expertise for a needed project, a new dinner recipe, or just provide advice in general. What gives credibility to the information that has been written on the blog is the “About Me” section.

Do You Need an About Page?

Why is this section so important? There are three key factors that this particular component of the blog is able to provide the reader.

1. It is a chance for the reader to get to know who you are as a person so they can begin to establish a relationship with you through the blog.

2. It provides an opportunity to expand on the evidence of your niche expertise to reinforce the information that has been presented.

3. It offers a second chance to offer a call-to-action for readers to follow-through on specific requests you may have made.

For some blogs, adding the About Me page is as simple as filling in the boxes of data that have been offered. Other blogs require a static page to be added so that the personal profile may be accessed. Each platform is different. Whatever method is required, make sure that the page is up and active first. Then you’ll want to follow these rules to add an effective component to your blog.

1. Be Personal, But Don’t Be TOO Personal.

Readers need to get to know who you are and what you’re about. They don’t need to know about what you usually eat for dinner, how often you go to the bathroom, or the fact that you enjoy updating your Facebook page while you mow the lawn. You need to add relevant data to your About Me page that compliments your blog posts. It doesn’t have to be a complete summary of who you are. It just needs to be a reflection from afar.

2. Make Sure You Link Out To Some Favorite Content.

Your About Me page could be the biggest bouncer on your entire blog. Most pages are only about 125 words of content. If that content doesn’t cause a reader to relate, then they’re going to go somewhere else to find the expertise they need. You won’t be able to save everyone, but a few links to your best content could save a few readers and let’s face it – every click counts.

3. Don’t Try To Be Something You Are Not.

The biggest error on the average About Me page is a lack of authenticity. Many try to take advantage of the fact that the internet allows them to be anything they want to be. Just because you can pretend to be anyone doesn’t mean you should. Readers will sniff a false persona from a mile away, even if you hire professional writers to create it, and this will drive them all way. Be authentic and your natural expertise will shine through.

4. Pictures Are Mandatory.

You don’t need to share your name – that should be on your blog posts. You probably shouldn’t be sharing your address, pictures of your home, or your daily schedule. What you can do is post a picture of yourself so that people can put a face to the words that you’ve written. It can be formal, a little crazy if you wish, but don’t go overboard. If you’re talking about career professionalism and your picture looks like you rolled out of bed 5 seconds ago, the imagery doesn’t compliment the message.

5. Keep It Simple.

If you’ve written more than 6 lines of content for your About Me page, then you’ve done too much. Businesses have tiered pages because they are reaching out to different demographics and are sharing their mission statements, their ethics, and other important information. You should just be sharing the main reasons why you’re blogging and what you hope to accomplish by it.

NOTE: Make sure there is a direct link to your About Me page in your menu options.

You can add the About Me page manually on platforms like Blogger and WordPress. Just click the appropriate boxes to add them. If you’re running an independent blog, then you’ll need to add the coding in with the rest of the menu options for proper navigation.

An About Me page can be that extra kick of evidence readers need to believe you really are a niche expert. Use these rules to add relevant information to your page and then keep it active to benefit from this key piece of the blogging puzzle.