Disable Right Click WordPress Video Tutorial


In just 2 minutes, I will show you the correct way to disable the right click on a WordPress blog.

This simple tutorial will teach you how to disable right click on images of a WordPress site.

Here is the transcript for this video…

In this episode of The Blog Millionaire, I will be showing you a simple way to disable the right click in WordPress, which only takes about 20 seconds to accomplish.

A big problem that bloggers and designers have is that people are going over to their website and grabbing their images and using them on their own websites. All they have to do is go on over to an image, then hit the right click button and then they just hit save image or copy image and they have the file. Now there’s a real easy way to protect yourself from people getting your images.

However, there’s a lot of tutorials out there that’ll tell you to grab a piece of code and stick it into header dot php file of your WordPress site. You’re not gonna want to do this because WordPress is constantly updating throughout the year and when you make changes by adding code to the php pages, it can lead to your entire blog breaking down on the next update.

I’m gonna show you an easy way to add a plug in to solve this problem. All you have to do is go on over to your dashboard, then hit plug ins, and add a new plug in, and then when you get to the search area, you’re gonna type in disable right click and then hit search plug ins.

At that point, the first one that shows up is called prevent content theft disable right click. You click on install now and once it installs, you’ll hit the activate plug in and at this point, the solution is in place. Let’s go ahead and take a look at it. Going back to that same post, now when we go to the image and we right click over it, it says function disabled.

This function has been disabled for AF templates, so just in a matter of 20 seconds, you can add this plug in and activate it and your problem is completely solved.

Thank you for listening to the disable right click WordPress tutorial.