33 Funny Chili Cook Off Team Names


A chili cook-off is an annual celebration that many participate in across the United States in a variety of different styled events. Here are some great chili cook off team names that are perfect to encourage your participation and success.

Beano 911
Beans & Jeans
Bonfire Chili
Bowls of Steel
Capitol Punishment
Chili Chili Bang Bang
Chili of Doom
Danger Zone
Dark Matter
Dr. Chili Pepper
Hell Hath No Fury
Holy Jalapeño
Hot Meat & Cool Beans
Hungry Heart Attack
Hunks of Burnin’ Love
Just Like Heaven
Longshot Chili
Mean Mama Chili
New Hotness
Racy Hot Pot
Red Hot Chili Preppers
Red Matter
Ring of Fire
Smoker Club
Stew Live Crew
Tailgate Chili
The Chilidawgs
The Habanero Special
The New Hotness
TNT Chili

Here is an entertaining video with Ray Stevens as he discusses what it takes to have a successful red hot chili cookoff.