8 Keys to Writing Good Titles for Blogs


Titles for Blogs

Curiosity drives the urge to know more. Another need puts us on a quest for information and that’s problem. Whenever there is a problem, we look for solutions. In this era, we don’t resort to books or parental advice. We simply go online and look for relevant answers to our questions, solutions to our problems and at times we just need to satiate our curiosity. On rare occasions, we get so engrossed in a headline or the associated content that we do not adhere to any need or urge as such. We simply go on reading or exploring some content that truly entices us.

If you can understand this reality of why people would read or explore some content, then you can easily come up with killer headlines. The mantra of creating killer headlines is satiating the needs or desires of the target audience. While the content has to be relevant and appropriate in a given context, it is the headlines that should resonate with the target audience first. Here are some simple ways to create killer headlines.

1) Highlight Your Content with Headline.
Everyone needs help. Someone who’s buckling under work pressure will need career advice and some solace. Someone who’s struggling in their business will need some wise solutions. A psychiatrist may want to know more about partying in Hawaii and a Manhattan pub hopper may need some recipes to prepare a Mediterranean brunch. When a headline attends to the need, desire or anything that is helpful for the target audience, it will generate traction. Being of help doesn’t always imply that there has to be a solution to a problem or answer to a question. It can be informative without opinions. The headline could also target the emotions of the readers and then expose them to some helpful information.

2) Do’s and Dont’s Are A Perennial Favorite.
Everyone wants a list of do’s and don’ts, whether it is a freshman who’s preparing for the first day or the serial venture capitalist checking out a new vertical. These types of contents can have simple headlines which won’t be hard to come up with but they would get substantial traction online. However, the headlines will have to be followed up with truly helpful information.

3) Headlines Should Always Make a Promise.
One that doesn’t will never be a killer headline. Also, that promise has to be delivered upon.