30 Funny Cricket Team Names


Cricket is a bat and ball game played between two teams on the field with a rectangular 22 yard long pitch. With 11 players on each side, this game was first played in 15th century England. Here is a look at some of the best cricket team names to inspire the creation of your own team.

Ball Burners
Balls of Fire
Cricket Bashers
Cricket Hitters
Enemies of the Ball
Extreme Blasters
Fine Legs
Gone Batty
Got the Runs
Hit and Run
Knights Watchmen
Leading Challengers
Multiple Scorgasms
Pitch Burners
Queer Quicks
Right Arm Lollipop
Rising Stars
Royal Strikers
Running Empty
Scared Shotless
Silly Sloggers
Six Offenders
Sons of Pitches
Swing Both Ways
The Bowljob
The Cunning Stunts
The Free Ballers
The Master Batters
The Night Watchman

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