24 Funny Christmas Team Names


Creating a Christmas team is a great way to bring your festive environment together. Here are some great Christmas team names you can use to pair up your guests and partake in some games.

Angels on Horseback
Dashing Through the Hoes
Elf For Leather
Holly Berries
Holy Rollers
Prancers Enhancers
Rein Dears
Roaring Chestnuts
Santa Stompers
Santa’s Helpers
Santas Little Trotters
Sleigh Belles
Team Naughty
The Bouncing Baubles
The Ho Ho Hoes
The Jingle Balls
The Jingle Belles
The Naughty List
The Pregnant Virgins
The Roaring Chestnuts
The Wise Men
Three Kings
Tinsel Belles
Winter Wonderland

Planning for Christmas is a big event. One of the most festive and joyous times of year, Christmas is celebrated by millions around the world.