10 Crucial Pitfalls to Avoid When Blogging


Blog Mistakes to Avoid

Since blogging has grown in popularity over the years, there are certain unwritten rules and types of etiquette used among writers that can inadvertently lead to your failure. The following key insights provided by this infographic will help to keep your focused.

1) Do Not Copy What Other Blogs Write.
Whether what you are copying is word for word or you are just copying the ideas, both will not do much for your blog. Life rarely stays still for to long. People have new outlooks on old things, new problems, and new reasons to search out your blog. Unless you get ahead of the crowd and publish new material, your blog is not likely to make a difference or become popular.

2) Do Not Post Sporadically.
If you find yourself posting only once or twice a month or even year, then consider increasing the frequency you post. The less frequently you post, the less likely people will remember your blog when compared to the competition. Keep posting, keep your information up to date, and work towards expanding what you know.

3) Do Not Spam Ads On Your Page.
If you want to keep people coming back, then decrease the number of ads you have on your blog. While ads are excellent for making you money, they drive away potential followers. Do yourself a favor and remove all but the most necessary ads on your blog page. In addition, consider creating an option where registered followers do not see any ads at all. This can be a powerful tool to get people to sign up.

4) Do Not Isolate Yourself.
So you have your own blogs and that can be the perfect place to let your opinions and facts be known. However, no matter how highly you consider your own blog and how lowly you consider others, do not isolate yourself. By putting yourself on a pedestal, you dramatically decrease the amount of potential traffic that will come to your blog. Instead of alienating your competition, bring them into the conversation. Share information with them and use one another to market ideas. In addition, you will both benefit from each other’s traffic.

5) Do Not Rush Your Work.
Whether you are trying to publish something quick, or you are just trying to get information out there, try your best not to rush your work. When you rush work, there is a much greater risk that your post will have awkward phrasing, incorrect information, and typos. All of these things decrease your credibility as a source of information and signals to those that read your blog that you do not care about the final quality of your content.