MODx vs WordPress


When it comes to website managing there are countless options to choose from. This decision is a pretty big one because it dictates how efficiently and well your website will run and function. WordPress and MODx are two very popular content managing systems, or CMS, being used on the internet today. Their are some significant differences between the two. Let’s explore more about each of these systems so you can try to make the best choice for your website needs.

All About MODx

1. What It Is
MODx is a content management system as well as a free and open source for website and blogging. The very first version of this software was released in 2010 by Jason Coward and Shaun McCormick.

2. Install
The installation of MODx is very straight forward and simple. All you have to do is download the software and upload the .zip file into your server. You then have to put the files into their own directory within your website. You can also install MODx onto existing sites by using your subdirectory to complete the installation.

3. Features
MODx has some great features that are available for it’s users. An impressive amount of built in tools help to manage your websites easily. MODx is also free, which is a very big plus. SEO optimization, extensive customization, and coding freedom are also very essential features to take into consideration.

4. Security
MODx gives you the freedom to type your own coding, which is very beneficial when it comes to security of your websites. MODx has had an extremely low amount of exploits since it’s release five years ago.

Word Press Overview

1. Basics
WordPress is the most popular content managing system for blogging and web site management. It originally began as just a tool for bloggers but has evolved into something much more than that. Over 20 percent of the top 10 million sites on the internet use WordPress for their websites.

2. Features
The biggest and most boasted about feature of WordPress is that it gives you the ability to switch themes extremely easily, with just a couple of clicks. This change doesn’t effect the content or structure of your website. Other features of using WordPress includes SEO controls, large list of plug ins, huge community of users, built in comments, multilingual, easy upgrade and installation, and variety of theme choices.

3. Installation
WordPress has one of the easiest installations of any content management system. It’s famous “five minute install” is just that. All it takes is a couple of clicks and WordPress can be utilized. The system requirements are not very hard to meet either.

4. Security
Security on WordPress has been considered one of it’s biggest flaws. Due to the high usage of WordPress, knowledge of how the system works in widely known. This makes it very simple for hackers to infiltrate WordPress powered sites.

Differences Between MODx and WordPress

1. Support
The level of support that you receive when using either MODx or WordPress are vastly different. While WordPress has the largest community of users, you rarely get useful and quality answers. It is also very difficult to get a hold of any official WordPress support. MODx, on the other hand, provides very good support. While the amount of users is lower than WordPress, this is seemingly beneficial in this department. It is very easy and quick to receive support answers, often times straight from the MODx team.

2. Limits
WordPress has no post limits placed on their users, this is good for high level posting. One flaw of this is that sites can easily become bogged down. MODx has a 5000 post limit at the time. This allows pages to load and function very quickly and easily.

3. Ease of Use
MODx CMS is not for the faint of heart. It can be somewhat complicated to understand and use if you are not experienced in coding and website developments. WordPress however, is very simple and straight forward. Even beginners or people with little to no experience can navigate WordPress easily.