How to Make a Fashion Blog


Blogs are one of the most popular ways to make money from home to date. Plus they allow you to write about things you are already interested in. Fashion, for example. Fashion blogs are a great way to promote your fashion prowess and also possibly make money. But in order to do so you must make your fashion blog right. In this article we will examine how to make a fashion blog that works. If you would like to be a blogger in the future, be sure to pay attention.

The Most Important Thing for Any Blog

What is the most important thing for any blog, fashion based or otherwise? Creating useful, helpful, interesting content. In the world in which we live, content is king. People are just more likely to visit a page when it offers them something that they feel is worthwhile. This is why posting a variety of content aimed at a specific audience is very important. You will want to update often, keep your content up to date, and always keep it fresh. We will give you some tips on how to so all of these things as part of your fashion blog.

Great Content Examples

There are a variety of content examples that customers tend to love, based upon your target audience. Here are a few various posts that can make for interesting, helpful content:

  • Fashion DIY videos or posts.
  • Hairstyle or accessory focused posts.
  • Posts about recent fashion trends.
  • Trends around holidays.
  • Interviews with those in the fashion industry.
  • Posts that incorporate pictures of the latest collections from top houses.
  • Videos or posts that give tips for achieving a certain look.
  • Content telling readers where to find great deals on hot items.
  • Reader generated content, like pictures of great outfits or styles.

Getting Ideas

Need ways to get ideas for your next fashion blog post? Thankfully there are a lot of places that you can draw from. Check out other fashion blogs for inspiration. YouTube can provide you with lots of videos from which you can draw inspiration. Television shows or movies about fashions can give you great ideas, as well. Even some of the larger fashion publications like Vogue can help you find things to write about like trends. And do not forget to think about visiting webpages of some of the top designers to find things that you can post about.

Purchasing Content

All out of ideas for your blog? If so, never fear. You can actually purchase content from your blog. You can find a variety of places to purchase content from experience, professional online writers. Some of these writers even specialize in fashion content. Or just ask a friend or acquaintance in the blogosphere if they would like to do a guest blog post for you. Offering guest content when you cannot update your blog is a great way to draw in more readers and change-up your usual content offerings. You may or may not want to offer money (or other perks, like outbound links) to these guest bloggers. Some bloggers simply offer a guest post for that blogger later on down the road. Just email fashion bloggers that you know to ask them about possible guest posts.

Distributing Your Blog

Will your blog simply be an add-on to another website? Or perhaps a way of marketing a business or product? If so, then you want to think about how to distribute your blog. One of the obvious places is to link it to your main webpage. You can even link it to your web store if you maintain one. Another great place to include the link is in any emails that you send out to customers during the shopping process. If you are already on social media, you can post links to your blog, there. You can also create posts for these pages each time you update your fashion blog.

Getting on Social Media

Social media is a very powerful tool for not only businesses, but for blogs, as well. Having profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all great ways to promote your blog. Simply post about new blog content as you create it and post it on your blog. Encourage users on these sites to help spread the word about your blog. You can also use social media pages to interact with your readers. Doing this makes your readers feel as if you truly value them and their thoughts and opinions. It is also a great way to build your reputation.

Promoting Your Blog

Promotion is yet another important way to get your blog out there. There are many opportunities for promotion of your blog. You can hold special events in order to let people know about your fashion blogs. Local fashion shows are a great way to do this. Or you can even partner with a local fashion outlet to have a booth in their store as part of one of their events. Taking out advertisements online, on the radio, TV, or in publications is another way to promote your blog. Encourage current readers to pass the word along to others. The more promotion the more visitors to your site. And the more visitors the more money making potential that you have.

Making Money from Your Blog

Monetization of your blog can help you to actually make money from your blog. One way to do this is to offer reviews of new products or designs on your blog. Yet another way to do this is to sell advertisements on your blog to interested parties. Anyone can do these things to make money from their blogs. If you have a business or product, think about selling your own product or promoting your business on your blog. Blogs that are seriously successful may actually be sold for a large sum of money. But creating a blog that is that successful takes serious time, effort, and work.

Keeping Up-to-date and Fresh

In addition to interesting content, keeping up-to-date and fresh can also be a great way to keep customers coming back for more. We recommend that you update your blog at least 2-3 times per week. Understand that each post does not have to be very involved. You can post links to other blogs, videos, or interesting articles that you find. At least once per week, however, you should aim to produce a brand new original article. If you can do so more often than that, do so! Your readers will love you for it.

Keep It Up!

Know that creating a successful fashion blog does not happen overnight. It could take months before you get lots of readers or even feel that your blog is making a difference. But no matter what, keep it up. Although running a blog can, at times, be challenging, it can also be very rewarding. When times get tough simply search in new places for inspiration. Or try to think of ways to create different types of content that you have never offered before. Take time to interact with readers and fellow bloggers. These things can help you to keep the blogging experience fresh and fun.