Best Blogging Topics to Write About


When it comes to modern blogging, there is one topic above any other that you should talk about: your #1 passion. Blogging is one-part authenticity, one-part storytelling, and one-part uniqueness. Find your passion, put it into a niche, and you’ll be able to write an engaging blog that people are going to love.

If you’re looking for a better chance at instant popularity, then there are a few blog topics that tend to trend better over time than others. Keep in mind that these topics tend to have lots of competition, so you may need to find a niche within the subject material in order to begin developing some readership. Here are some of the top options right now.

1. Travel.

More than 1 billion customs entries are processed every year. People are traveling in record numbers and it isn’t just the Baby Boomers who are doing it. From beaches to national monuments to amazing forests and parks, there is something that every community has that can be blogged about. You can discuss your own adventures, focus on travel photos, or pick hiking and climb mountains every week. The choice is really up to you. As long as you love what you do, that will show in your blog and people will keep coming back for updates.

2. Music.

There are two basic approaches to a music blog: you can either talk about the music that others create or you can talk about the music that you create. Establishing a brand presence is important with this subject, so find a topic that works really well for you. If you loved Nirvana and Soundgarden, then a blog about 90’s grunge masterpieces that didn’t go national could work out well. Discussing your own music should be complemented with song samples.

3. Technology.

The tech world always has something new to introduce. Whether it’s a new video game, a new smartphone, or brand new wearable tech, you can discuss virtually anything that you love with this medium. The trick to be successful with this subject material is to make it appeal to a certain customer segment. Numerous blogs already talk about the latest gadgets. How could the new tech appeal to students? Stay at home parents? Professionals? Blog about that and you’ll create a personal connection.

4. Food.

Who doesn’t like food? There’s always something new to talk about in the world of food. From fusion to confusion, you don’t have to be a restaurant critic to make a good impression on the internet. You can even create your own dishes, start your own cooking show, and become a superstar through your blog if your cuisine is unique and good enough. Make sure to upload recipes and talk about cooking techniques whatever you do so that people can engage online and offline with your content.

5. TV.

There are new television shows that come out every season, which gives you plenty of blogging material. The shows that survive have different plot lines that can be discussed. Starting a fan blog of a specific TV show is popular, but risky since even high performing shows can get the ax at a moment’s notice. It’s usually better to stick with a genre, a network, or specific TV actors, directors, or producers for this type of blog. You’ll get a passionate response if you know what you’re talking about and that will eventually lead to a dominate place in your niche.

6. Movies.

Take what you’ve applied to TVs and put it into movies. Movies have nearly a century of content to explore, so there are various niches here that could help to get a new blog noticed. Talk about the movies you love, why you love them, or the filmmaking components found within them.

7. Politics.

Every country has politics in play every year and the political world seems to be growing more polarized with every second. If you take a firm stand on any issue, whether local or national, then you’ll get two groups in your audience: those who firmly agree and those who firmly disagree. Either way, you’ll have lots of comments, plenty of engagement, and a top blog in your field. Just remember not to get angry with someone who vehemently disagrees with you.

There are popular blogging topics, but these tend to get the most play. Follow your passions and experience with your content, but also tell your story. In doing so, you’ll engage readers and have a lot of fun blogging every day.