40 Funny Laser Tag Names


Laser tag is a fun and interesting game to play as a group and with friend. No special skills are required. Just some proper suits and laser guns to shoot. For the enthusiast, playing in a team allows you to incorporate planned strategies to defeat the enemy. Here is a look at some of the best laser tag team names to get you inspired.

Action Town
Area 51
Battlefield Colorado
Blazer Tag
Code Red Laser Tag
Comic Lights
Commando Laser Tag
Dizzy Family Fun
Dog Tagz
Flash Lights
Foggy Fires
Fun City
Fun Frenzy Laser Tag
Fun Station USA
Invasion Laser Tag
Laser Battlefield
Laser Battles
Laser Bounce
Laser Legend
Laser Quest
Laser Quest
Laser Tagging
Laser Wars
Lazer Crazer
Lazer X
Loveland Laser Tag
Master Blasters
No Surrender Laser Tag
Nor Cal Laser Tag
Power Bolts
Sunny Rays
Tag Hunters
Track Busters
Trump Fires
Ultrazone Laser Tag
Wahooz Laser Tag

Here is one kid who’s laser tag battle is taken to the next level.