38 Funny Football Team Names


Football has been historically represented by a group of players selected together in various team sports. With many varieties of football participated in around the world, it is most commonly used for a sports club. If you are wanting to start your own local team or league, here is a look at some great football team names to get you inspired.

50 Trent
Backfields and McCoys
Big Ol’ Bortles
Boy Named Suh
Check My Balls
Chronic Masterdeflater
Cry Me a Rivers
Discount Belichick
Evil Empire
Fatt Morte
Forte inch Ditka
Geno 911!
Golden Taint
Golden Tate Warriors
Hard Knocks Life
Hartline Bling
Inglourious Bradfords
Keyshawn Beliebs
Knockin on Evans Door
Kung Suh Panda
Laces Out
Ladies and Edelman
Le’Veon a Prayer
No Money Manziel
Not Racist Redskins
Pitch a Trent
Remember the Titans
Revis’ Vineyard
Show Me the Money
Stairway to Evans
Suh Girls, One Cup
The Boldin the Beautiful
The Brady Bunch
The Gurley Gates
Trolling Crabtree
Turn Your Head and Coughlin
Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam!
Winning Is My Forte

One of the most popular sports in America, take a look inside the history of American football and how it all got started.